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Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth Biography Age Salary

Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth, Biography, Age, Contact number

The full name of Arbaaz Vlogs is Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz Khan is an Indian. Arbaaz Khan is a resident of Rampur city of Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 4 October 1996 in Rampur city and he was 27 years old. His parents and 3 sisters live in his family. Since childhood, he has lived with his sisters at his uncle’s place. His parents left him in his childhood and went to Agra. I am talking about this article Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth Biography Age Salary Address Phone Number.

Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth Biography Age Salary Address Phone Number

Arbaaz lived with his grandparents uncle and aunt in Rampur. His childhood lifestyle is very emotional. He has lived alone with his sisters for 17 years. His parents had gone to Agra in his childhood. Ever since he turned 17. Then his uncle took his sisters and Arbaz to their parents.

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Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth

Arbaaz Vlogs Biography and Education

Arbaaz has been very intelligent since his childhood. He has completed his studies at his uncle’s college only. He was very good in his studies, and Arbaaz completed high school in 2015. Arbaaz Khan has completed his high school and intermediate studies at his own college. He lived with his 3 sisters in his uncle’s house. Arbaaz himself has talked about his lifestyle on his YouTube channel. His childhood lifestyle was very emotional.

But when he was studying, he used to sweep his school sometimes. Arbaaz used to go to his house every day to collect newspapers. He used to do his household chores. After completing his studies, his uncle took him to his parents after 17 years. His parents lived in Agra. His uncle had left Arbaaz and 3 sisters with their parents.

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Arbaaz vlogs Wikipedia | Wiki

Personal Life
Real name/Full nameMuhammad Arbaaz khan
Nick NameArbaaz vlog
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Arbaaz vlogs YouTube Career

Arbaaz Vlogs started his YouTube channel in 2016. He used to live in Delhi before starting the YouTube channel. There, Arbaaz started a small business of T-shirts and shirts on the streets of Delhi. He used to set up his clothes shop near the Jama Masjid. He did his business for 1 year. Arbaaz used to talk very nicely with his customers. That’s why many people used to come to him.

These days some students of Jamia College have come to his shop. One of the students asked him Arbaz why don’t you promote your business on social media.

He also gave them advice about YouTube. Because Arbaaz used to talk to people very well. One day Arbaaz created a channel on YouTube. That YouTube channel was named Muhammad Arbaaz Official. On which he used to talk about the latest news. Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth

Arbaaz started his YouTube career in 2016. In which he used to upload news videos. One of his videos was related to demonetization, which went viral on YouTube. Today there are 1.1 million Subscribers on this channel.

Muhammad Arbaaz Official Channel – About us

Arbaaz Khan started his YouTube Career in 2016. But earlier he used to have a clothes shop on the road. But after the loss of business, he moved to Bangalore. There he started working as a delivery boy. From whom he used to earn 12 thousand in a month. Along with work, he used to make YouTube videos as well. When Sunday was a holiday, he used to shoot videos for the whole week. Arbaaz used to go to his office and upload all the videos on YouTube.

He used to upload a video every day. Arbaaz used to make news-related videos on this channel. This channel of his went viral in a few days. Due to this Arbaaz’s YouTube income started coming. Today there are more than 1.1 million Subscribers on this channel. But now Arbaaz does not work on this channel.

Why left Muhammad Arbaz Official Channel

Arbaaz is the only boy in his house. He has 3 sisters and a mother in his family. That’s why the responsibility of the house was on them. Arbaaz has done a lot of struggle in his life. Why did Arbaaz leave his YouTube channel “Muhammad Arbaaz Official”? Arbaaz used to upload news-related videos on this channel.

That’s why his mother refused many times to work on this channel. She did not want my son to get involved in any affair. Arbaaz stopped working on this news channel because of what his mother said many times. There are more than 1 million Subscribers on this channel. Don’t work on this channel anymore.

Arbaaz vlogs contact number is 95672 14563

Arbaaz vlogs Family

Arbaaz Khan (Arbaaz Vlogs) has his mother and 3 sisters in his family. He used to live with his uncle and aunt in his childhood. After completing his studies, he came to his parents in Agra. Arbaaz’s three sisters believed in Arbaaz a lot. Arbaaz and his sisters have struggled a lot in their childhood. Arbaaz’s three sisters had graduated. Now they all got married.

One of Arbaaz’s sisters did a medical course. That’s why after marriage, one of his sisters opened a hospital in the name of Arbaaz. One sister’s husband is in college and one sister’s husband is in Merchant Navy. Today Arbaaz’s three sisters are set in life. He is happy with his family. Arbaaz is also set in his YouTube career.

Arbaaz Vlogs Net Worth and monthly income

Arbaaz himself told people about his income on Manoj Dey’s channel. He earns $4,000 to $5,000 per month from his YouTube channel “Arbaaz Vlogs”. Which is around 2 to 3 lakh rupees in India. He uploads a video every day on his YouTube channel. Today there are 7.80 lakh Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Arbaaz Vlogs net worth is estimated $57,204 in 2023.

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