Facebook Settlement Payout Date 2024 When and who will receive it? Who qualifies

Facebook Settlement Payout Date 2024 Facebook Settlement Payout DateFacebook faced a lawsuit alleging that it shared or allowed third-party apps to access users’ data and their friends’ data without user consent, raising concerns about potential misuse of this information. The Federal Court of California approved a Class settlement of $725 to compensate those affected by Facebook’s actions.

The deadline to submit valid claims for the settlement was August 25, 2023. Claimants who submitted valid claims are awaiting their settlement payments.

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Reports indicated that the Facebook Settlement Payout was anticipated in the early months of 2024. However, claimants have yet to receive payment from the Settlement administrator.

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Facebook Settlement Payout Date 2024

OrganizationFacebook Inc.
Settlement Amount$725 million
Payout DateEnd of April or early May 2024
Official websitehttps://facebookuserprivacysettlement.com

Who qualifies for the Facebook Settlement Payout 2024?

Facebook Settlement – How Much Will Claimants Get?
Class action Facebook users who submit valid claims by the August 25, 2023 deadline are eligible to receive payment for the privacy settlement. The payment amount depends on several factors, including:

Number of Valid Claims: The higher the number of claimants, the lower the payout for each individual.
Administrative Expenses: Expenses such as attorney’s fees, notification expenses and settlement administration will be deducted from the payment.
Use of Facebook during the eligibility period: Claimants who have used Facebook for a long period of time can get more payment than those who have used it for a short time.
According to the settlement administrator’s estimate, claimants can expect an average payment of $30 per person. However, the exact amount may vary in individual situations.

How do I get my Facebook settlement money 2024 ?

To receive a cash payment from this Settlement, you must submit a timely and properly completed Claim Form that receives approval from the Settlement Administrator. The Claim Form must be submitted no later than August 25, 2023.

How much will I receive from a Facebook settlement?
According to reports, claimants can anticipate a median payment of $30 per person. You can expect to receive the payment through the means you selected in the Claim form, such as PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or a physical check mailed to your address.

How to receive your payment 2024:

You must have submitted a valid claim before the deadline of 25 August 2023.
You must have received notification as an authorized claimant from the settlement website.
You must select your preferred payment method (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or check).

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How to check the status of the Facebook Settlement Payout 2024?

How to check the status of the Facebook Settlement Payout?
To check your status:
Go to the Facebook User Privacy Settlement website: https://facebookuserprivacysettlement.com/
Click on “Submit a Claim” button on the homepage.
Enter your claim ID and confirmation code.
Your claim status will appear.
If your claim is denied:
You can appeal a rejection of a Facebook user privacy settlement payment.

The claimants can also contact the administrator through the following email, mail, or toll-free number:

Email: info@FacebookUserPrivacySettlement.com
Toll-free number: 1-855-556-2233
Mailing Address: Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation Settlement Administrator 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210 Philadelphia PA 19103

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