Inday Roning Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband Work 2023

Inday Roning is a famous YouTuber from the Philippines and she makes vlogs about Dumpster Diving. Picks up food and essential things from Dumpster Diving and helps needy people.

Right now Inday Roning lives in the USA, but wherever she sees food going bad, she takes essential things and food and reaches the needy people.

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Inday Roning Net Worth Age Husband Real Name

On March 23, 1991, a little hamlet in the Philippines gave birth to Inday Roning. A very unfortunate family brought Inday Roning into the world in a little town. Everyone in her town lived in poverty and had to work hard to get their daily bread. Inday Roning led a very simple life. Inday Roning formerly resided with her parents. Inday Roning’s net worth is what I’m referring to.

 Inday Roning Net Worth, Biography, Age

Inday Roning Net Worth Biography

Inday Roning works as a content creator and skips diver full-time. She earns a sizable living through her employment. She currently has $7 million in total assets and typically earns between $18,000 and $32,000. Inday Roning gets her entertaining content from her online platforms.

Real NameInday Roning
Monthly Income$18-32K
Net Worth$5 million

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