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Priya Dhapa Net worth

Priya Dhapa Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Date of Birth, Sourav Joshi

Priya Dhapa Net Worth Age Boyfriend Date of Birth Sourav Joshi

Priya Dhapa is a well-known social media personality, professional sketch artist, and YouTuber from Delhi, India. Priya Dhapa was born in India’s Uttarakhand and would be 24 years old as of the year 2024.

Painting and sketching are Priya Dhapa’s specialties. She works as a freelance illustrator. Priya Dhapa is well-recognized for the vlogs that she posts on her Dhapa Sisters Vlogs YouTube channel. She has almost 342k subscribers (as of August 2023) to her channel, where she uploads videos of her daily activities. When a photo of Priya Dhapa and well-known vlogger Sourav Joshi went viral on Instagram, Priya Dhapa also gained attention. I am talking about Priya Dhapa’s Net Worth Age Boyfriend’s Date of Birth.

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Priya Dhapa Net worth
Priya Dhapa Net worth

Priya Dhapa Boyfriend and Family

Sourav Joshi, Priya Dhapa’s boyfriend is the top vlogger in India. Priya collaborates with her younger sister to create her vlogs. We don’t know a lot more about her family.

Priya Dhapa Net Worth

Income Per Month25k – 45K (in Rs)
Net Worth10 Lakhs
  • Being a well-known and gifted artist, he frequently receives requests to create numerous commissioned artworks.
  • Additionally, she makes a good living through her vlog channel sponsorships and commercials.
  • Priya makes between $25,000 and $45,000 per month, according to estimates.

Priya Dhapa Age

Priya Dhapa’s Date of Birth is the year 1999. Now in 2023, She is 24 years old.

Priya Dhapa Boyfriend

Priya Dhapa’s Boyfriend’s name is Saurabh Joshi.

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