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Vivek bindra Net Worth, Wikipedia

Vivek bindra Net Worth, Wikipedia, wife, age, Education, books, house

Vivek Bindra Net Worth, Wikipedia, wife, age, Education, books, house, and biography is all information provided by Networthchart.

Vivek Bindra is a businessman, motivational speaker, Youtuber, and owner of Bada Business Pvt Ltd whose net worth is $11 Million (Rs. 90 Crore INR). Vivek Bindra’s age is 41 years and 5 months on September 2023.

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Vivek Bindra Wikipedia | Biography

Vivek Bindra’s early life was very difficult, when his father died, his mother married another man and left him alone, but Vivek Bindra did not lose courage. Vivek Bindra was very smart, he used to come top in school every time. He decided early on what to do next in life. He was very engrossed in devotion and used to read Bhagwat Geeta.

Vivek bindra Net Worth, Wikipedia
Vivek Bindra Net Worth, Wikipedia


Name:Vivek Bindra
Net Worth In Indian Rupees90 Crore INR ($11 Million)
Salary:5 Crore +
Monthly Income:40 Lakhs +
Age:41 years 5 months
Date of Birth:April 5, 1982
EducationAmity Business College (With economics and business management)
BooksDouble Your Growth Through Excellent Customer ServiceEverything About LeadershipEffective Planning, and Time Management
Weight:68 kg or 150 lbs
Profession:Motivational Speaker, Youtuber

Vivek Bindra Net Worth

The Net worth of Vivek Bindra as of September 2023 is $11 million or 90 crores INR.  His income source is Business training, Motivational speech events, Business courses, and YouTube. His Monthly income is 40 Lakhs +.

Vivek Bindra Family | Wife

We lack any information concerning his personal relationships and family background. He has deliberately kept his private life out of the public eye, and it’s important to respect his decision in this matter.

Vivek Bindra Age

Vivek Bindra’s Date of birth is 5 April 1982, He is 41 years and 5 months old.

Vivek Bindra Education

Vivek Bindra consistently excelled as a student, demonstrating a keen intellect in his academic pursuits. He completed his primary education at St. Xavier School in Delhi, consistently ranking at the top in all his examinations. Subsequently, he pursued his higher education at Amity Business College, focusing on economics and business management. His enduring fascination with these fields of study was evident throughout his educational journey.

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Vivek Bindra Books

Vivek Bindra’s Books is about self-help and business growth books.

  • Double Your Growth Through Excellent Customer Service
  • Everything About Leadership
  • Effective Planning and Time Management
  • From Pocket Money of Professional Salary
  • Everything About Corporate Etiquette

Vivek Bindra House | Car

House: Vivek Bindra possesses multiple properties across the country. His primary residence is an expansive and stunning house located in New Delhi. Additionally, he has invested in various real estate holdings in Mumbai and Noida, which he occasionally visits.

Cars: While Vivek Bindra does not boast an extensive car collection, he does own a select few vehicles. Among them are some vintage cars that hold historical significance. Notably, he possesses a special car, the Volvo XC90.

Vivek Bindra weight loss

Dr. Vivek Bindra lost 23 kg of weight in just 75 days. By 25 September, Dr. Bindra’s 100-day fitness challenge will also be completed.


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